Team Leader Package A

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As a new Team Leader, getting the proper training gear is exciting. This package is the beginner set of gear that you will need to begin training.

This set includes:

Team Leader Uniform

Team Leader Patch

Team Leader Belt


Team Leader Manual, Yellow Belt Rank Book, Yellow Belt Kata Books

Click here for size chart.

A comfortable, form fitting uniform. Our size chart is based on the karate practitioners height in centimeters.

For the student uniforms, please go down a size if you are petite and up a size if you are stocky.

We recommend purchasing the Team Leader Complete Package, which has a built in discount. Your Team Leader discount code will take an additional discount.

Recommended: Team Leader Complete Package


Step 1: Team Leader Gear Package A

Step 2: Team Leader Gear Package B

These sets are appropriate if you would prefer to extend the cost of gear over a period of time.

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